Jewish Care were the first to try out CuppaCare

As part of our piloting, we partnered with Jewish Care to put an early version of CuppaCare in the hands of homecare workers and their managers. We wanted to test if staff liked using the smartphone app, how they used it, and if it could help them deliver safe and high-quality care.

Jewish Care has a commitment to innovation, and were among the first to understand the potential of CuppaCare. They saw how having instant access to bite-sized high-quality guidance could help them support their staff.

Jewish Care and the Cuppa team put together a plan, and won an Innovation Fund grant from Skills for Care to test our service.

We worked with Jewish Care managers to create short pieces of content – here at Cuppa we call them Sips. They covered practical workplace topics Jewish Care identified as relevant, including: handling food, Jewish dietary laws, missed doses and using a wheelchair.

All in all, more than 80 staff and managers across three service teams tested the service.

We recorded user activity, ratings and comments on the CuppaCare system, and we interviewed people to understand exactly what they thought and how they got on.

“I think it’s great. It’s the future!” (from evaluation interview with home care workers)

Some of our key findings from the evaluation were:

  • Mobile micro-content represents a practical way to deliver guidance on safety and quality to staff
  • Staff value concise, accessible guidance that is readily available to them through the phones.
  • Mobile micro-content offers valuable reinforcement of key messages on safety and quality – in effect, giving continuous access to refresher training.

See how Care Managers are using CuppaCare, and find out why care staff like having CuppaCare at their fingertips.

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